System Guide FAQ

1. How to sign up my account


2. How to submission my paper?

  • Sign in and go to Submission page (, and click "SUBMIT PAPER" button.


  • Complete the "Topic", "Title", "Author(s)", "Abstract" and "Keyword", and click "Submit" button and wait for reviews. Note: boxes with Red * mark are required, you must fill in. Because the deadline will be due soon, there is a traffic in reviewing queue, please allow our Review Panel at least 24-72 hours to review your abstract and full paper text. We will be highly appreciated with your patience. If there is any further problem, please contact via our official email 

3. How to modify author information, change the order of authors and corresponding author?

  • First, go to My submission page ( to find the submission you want to modify, and click the "Edit" button below the paper Title.
  • Click "ADD AUTHOR" if you want to add another author, or more.
  • Use anchor mark by your mouse to move if you want to change the order of the authors. 
  • Click "Corresponding author?" checkbox if you want to appoint any author in your list to be your corresponding author.

4. How to download my acceptance letter?

  • When your abstract submission has been granted as Approval status, you will be able to see and download your digital Acceptance Letter via "Download" button below "Acceptance letter" section in your "My submission" page (

5. How to complete my Registration?

  • When your abstract submission has been approved, you will be able to see a series of different payment links below "Payment" section in your "My submission" page (, please choose which type of Registration fees you prefer, and click your payment direct link. Note: Before you click to Payment Link, we are highly recommend you to read Payment Manual first, in case any unsuccessful transaction. Thanks!
  • Please fill in Payment Form, after you click and are redirected to Payment Link.


  • If your complete your payment successfully, you will be able to see the "DOWNLOAD RECEIPT" button below "Register" section in your "My submission" page ( Please allow at least 24-72 hours working days for our registration system to confirm your fully registration fee between EC Pay and your VISA/MASTER/JCB/etc. banks. Thank you for your patience! Due to a big traffic queue in registration system, we will appreciate if you could wait for our system to cross confirm your payment status! If there is any further problem, please contact via our official email